Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Harder you try to break me, the stronger I will emerge... I am the Pheonix and will be reborn from my ashes...

Sunday, June 19, 2016

My Life, my way....

I go out have fun; I go shopping, I go to saloon pamper me and watch movies but does that mean the world has right to judge me? This is my way to deal with the crisis I am going through. I do not want to break, I want to take it gracefully. I have always believed in the beauty of the life and I will always.
Even the sorrows are precious to me, they have always been. They add variation to life and value to happiness. I feel alive in pain. I feel human. I feel the strong woman in me and it does not mean that I am not allowed to cry sometimes either.
A strong woman is a woman first of all. These are my emotions and I am free to express them in a way I feel I am comfortable in and when I do so I am not looking for any one's sympathy or empathy and the least I am looking for is a third man's company.
I speak openly about my broken relationship it only means that I am not comfortable lying. I am just being honest in the relationship which I have with you. I have solo profile picture on social network websites and I am flooded with Facebook or Instagram connect requests.
          Have some sense. I might be breaking from the love of my life. My first love ever. I would have my own reasons for that and I would have struggled to make it work for years. I have been optimistic those five years and did not ever think that I may have to break up someday. I always knew if will work out sooner or later though it did not eventually and if it did not that does not imply I am not allowed to have a life.
I might wear a broad smile socially but it does not mean that I do not cry myself to sleep some day. It is not an opportunity to woo me even if I smile to you as a courtesy.