Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Harder you try to break me, the stronger I will emerge... I am the Pheonix and will be reborn from my ashes...

Sunday, June 19, 2016

My Life, my way....

I go out have fun; I go shopping, I go to saloon pamper me and watch movies but does that mean the world has right to judge me? This is my way to deal with the crisis I am going through. I do not want to break, I want to take it gracefully. I have always believed in the beauty of the life and I will always.
Even the sorrows are precious to me, they have always been. They add variation to life and value to happiness. I feel alive in pain. I feel human. I feel the strong woman in me and it does not mean that I am not allowed to cry sometimes either.
A strong woman is a woman first of all. These are my emotions and I am free to express them in a way I feel I am comfortable in and when I do so I am not looking for any one's sympathy or empathy and the least I am looking for is a third man's company.
I speak openly about my broken relationship it only means that I am not comfortable lying. I am just being honest in the relationship which I have with you. I have solo profile picture on social network websites and I am flooded with Facebook or Instagram connect requests.
          Have some sense. I might be breaking from the love of my life. My first love ever. I would have my own reasons for that and I would have struggled to make it work for years. I have been optimistic those five years and did not ever think that I may have to break up someday. I always knew if will work out sooner or later though it did not eventually and if it did not that does not imply I am not allowed to have a life.
I might wear a broad smile socially but it does not mean that I do not cry myself to sleep some day. It is not an opportunity to woo me even if I smile to you as a courtesy.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

कलयुग की बात करते हैं....

जन्म देने वाली माँ को दुत्कार कर संस्कारों की बात करते हैं,
बीच बाज़ार नग़्न खडे जो, वो इज्जतदारों की बात करते हैं।
शीशे के घरों में रहने वाले दीवारों की बात करते हैं,
दो क़दम ना चल पाए वो संग और परिवारों की बात करते हैं।।

अपने सुख में भी जो संतुष्ट नहीं वो दुखियारों की बात करते हैं,
उजालों से ना कभी बाहर आए जो, वो अंधकारों की बात करते हैं ।
सदा अकेले रहने वाले हज़ारों की बात करते हैं,
ख़ुद के लालच की सीमा नहीं और पुण्यकारों की बात करते हैं।।

तिजोरी को ताला लगाकर वो क़र्ज़दारों की बात करते हैं,
अपने अहं में माग़रूर वो ज़िम्मेदारों की बात करते हैं।
शराब के नशे में डूबे हुए, होशियरों की बात करते हैं,
शमशान में जले मुर्दे, पहरेदारों की बात करते हैं।।

वर्णमाला सीखी नहीं, साहित्यकारों की बात करते हैं,
कफ़न ओढ कर लेटे हैं और जानदारों की बात करते हैं।
कुओं के मेंढक, सारे संसारों की बात करते हैं,
पतझड़ में गिरे हुए पत्ते, बहारों की बात करते हैं।।

बैठें हैं झोली फैलाकर और देनदारों की बात करते हैं,
अग़ल बग़ल की ख़बर नहीं और समाचारों की बात करते हैं।
अपनी दहलीज कभी लांघी नहीं पर दरबारों की बात करते हैं,
खुदख़ुशी करके वो हत्यारों की बात करते हैं।।

Monday, February 22, 2016

जाटों का हारियाणा????

The whole city was sealed, Military forces were patrolling right outside my house.... My dad who is 65+ and is diabetic too could not manage one or half a litre of milk for a cup of tea in two days everything being shut; Many people including Old Aged, ladies and even kids were awake all night to guard their small shops so that no anti social animal should burn them out of their greed....
Why- Just for a little percentage of reservation?
Who- The locals of Haryana??
I live in Haryana. I was born & brought up in Haryana. I have seen land prices multiply like anything in Haryana then why this need or I should say greed of being called as nothing but BACKWARD?
I am a Punjabi (Multani) living in Haryana, a minority whose grandparents migrated from Pakistan after abandoning  their everything to start a new life from scratch during partition crisis. If I do not want a reservation for me then why the locals?

Many of my friends are Haryanvi (Jaats), we have gone to same schools and played together. NO OFFENCE but a friendly question to all of them, may be to understand their version of story "Why? Why this greed? Why this civil war? Lets assume you get this so called reservation but after that would you guys be able to call yourself 'A JAAT' as proudly as you do now?"

To sum up my post I would recall a verse we used to write in our Paragraphs on Haryana for Hindi Assignments:

देसाँ मा देस हारियाणा,
ज़ित दूध दही का खाणा।।

Lets not defame 'OUR HARIYANA' frens, thats all I can say.... #Jaat #JaatReservation #Reservation #JaatAndolan