Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Call

I was still in bed when Mr. Mukesh Sharma the bank manager gave me a call and wished me Good Morning. I too wished the same in return. He told me that I had missed the annual renewal of my ATM card and in order to continue using I must renew the same now. Since I wanted to renew he told me he needs a few details from my side and asked me my Card Number, Expiry and Cvv.

I asked "But whose card are you going to renew?"
Confused he asked "What?"
I asked "Whose card? Mine or my husbands?
"Ma'm I can renew only your card"
"Okay, so I shall share the card details of Lokesh or Apurva?"
"Lokesh Ma'm"
"Fine, but which card?"
"Ma'm in which bank accounts you have?"
"I have accounts in multiple banks, do I need to renew all the cards?"
"Yes, Ma'm we can do that but one by one"
"Okay, I have account in Swiss bank also will you be able to activate the ATM card for that as well?"
"Yes ma'm, but you will have to share the cards details. Please tell me the complete name on the card."
"But I don't have card for that account, will you be able to provide me one?"
"No ma'm, I can only renew your cards provided you share the card details. Please tell me the Full name, card number, expiry and cvv on the card."
"Okay , okay I got your point but I don't remember my card details and the card too is not with me as of now, so I will tell you a way so that my card details will populate on your screen, will that be fine?"
"Sure ma'm."
Please hang over and dial "100" from your phone.
Phone banged.

I guess, all of you must have understood by now what happened. I had received a hoax call from anonymous person pretending to be the bank manager intending to obtain my card details. Since this was the second time I received such call, I could have above dialogue. First time, by doing only what he said, I had almost shared my card details except Cvv which I refused to share at any cost.

"Stay Alert !!!"

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

"Ways to obtain 'The Power' or success in life"
Fortunately or unfortunately the book landed in my hands when I ordered the book The Power (The Secret #2). Disappointed to see a different book I immediately dialed customer care to claim the refund and return but I could not avoid the temptation to flip through the book and subsequently reading it.
The book is a collection of 48 cruel laws that you need to master to attain 'The Power'. The author Robert Green jots down the tales from history to support the merciless, cunning and ruthless rules. It is a wicked composition for success which does not care about the moral values and concentrates on only obtaining "The Power".

The laws are summed up in another post The laws of power.

Laws of Power: The 48 Laws of Power

  1. Never Outshine your Master
  2. Never put too much trust in friends, learn how to use enemies
More to come....

तुम्ही से प्यार...

बंद आँखों से तेरा इंतज़ार करती हूं,
सुबह से शब् तक और शब् से सुबह तक तुझे याद बार बार करती हूं,
लो आज मैं ये इकरार करती हूं,
कि तन से रूह तक मैं सिर्फ तुम्ही से प्यार करती हूं। 
हर बात, हर एक मुलाकात, एक एक एहसास में शामिल हो,
तुम्ही चित, तुम्ही उचित, नहीं कभी अनुचित हो,
तेरे प्रत्येक कथन का सत्कार करती हूं ,
लो आज मैं ये इकरार करती हूं  कि  तन से रूह तक मैं सिर्फ तुम्ही से प्यार करती हूं। 
दो रोज की मोजूदगी व् एक घडी की ताक है,
जानती हुं बस वियोग ही इस प्रीत की नियति है,
अलगाव है कल के लिए, आज स्नेह को बरकरार करती हूं ,
लो आज मैं ये इकरार करती हूं  कि तन से रूह तक मैं सिर्फ तुम्ही से प्यार करती हूं। 
चाहे नमी से भर जाएँ दो नयन, किन्तु मुस्कुराएंगे दो अधर,
होगा वो लम्हा भी तुम्ही से ही अनिरुक्त,
उस पल का, उस क्षण का भी उतनी ही आतुरता से इंतज़ार करती हूं ,
लो आज मैं ये इकरार करती हुं कि तन से रूह तक मैं सिर्फ तुम्ही से प्यार करती हूं.…