Wednesday, February 3, 2010

M not rite………………….

A man is at his worst when he pretends to be gud… Dis is wot m doin dese dayzz. M doin wot dey want me to do rather dan wot i want to do… y? May b m scared… but scared of wot? Y m not able to gather courage to follow ma heart?? I really don know d answer… but again as dey say wotevr happens, happens for gud only…

m turned mute n she is roaring
she is none else dan me, she is scoring
i tried to put d blame on my ‘I’
‘I’ consented but did question ‘why?’
coz m weak, m actin audacious
At far i hear, laughter n cry in a chorus
tryin to construe things at dis odd hour of nite,
wen wid every tick of time i know, im not rite………………….


  1. we are always right...think human as technolgy,,,so there are lots of defect....

    being sensitive is crime,,,,

    in simple do not think a lot,,,,,,,, chear and spread smiles

  2. hmmm yea.. human a technology wid lots of defects but will have to give fixes also??yea cheer n smile alws as life keeps on goin ts up to us.. to move on or to lack behind??