Friday, October 30, 2009

Keep the spirits up...

Who on this earth does not like compliments? But what if u feel u have done a gr8 job n nobody else acknoledges?? Well, in this case the Friday Funda says...

if people admire you den its coz you deserve it
else dey are being jealous...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Present or Future

Dey say one should alws live in present n work of future. But wot to do if u find your present and future along two never crossing paths?? U are standing between two parallel roads…

To yor left is a road for yor present.. if u take dis road u spend a cheerful time dat u hv been doing till now but sumwhr deep in yor heart u know dat it is d track not for u, u shd hv not been on dis, as d road will lead to a dead end… it has no future…

N if u take d road to yor right, u start working for d future but u will have to stop being yourself… u’ll hv to stop living… n u will get lost in d materialism of d world making time which will probably never come…

Which route will u choose? To Present or to the Future??

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tension for tension

Tensed? lemme take you to Mr. Friday. He got a Funda for everything...

something s haunting u n u can't do anything??
u can do one thing for sure...
cum out of ur cave
n spend lots of money
n if u r a gal
u can eat a lot too...
Tension of spending or eating a lot
will definitely over come yor actual tension :-D

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Diwali...

Hi frens,

Take my Greetings for Diwali here…
Diwali is celebrated as a remembrance of victory of Goodness over Evil. Don’t know how much true it is but yea this is the reason that its a festival of Lights… a symbol of hope, true spirit n progress… n it’s a festival of Togetherness… friendliness and love… So keeping the spirit of Diwali, i wish all my readers and non-readers, my frens and not frens, people with whom i interact on daily basis, the ones i will meet anytime in upcoming future, and the people i won’t ever come to know in this short span of life… “Happy Diwali”

i wish this Diwali brings
Immense pleasure in your lives
with it comes Wondrous joy
and Aesthetic thoughts
Love sprawls everywhere

and approaches glee Incandescent

Friday Ka Funda...

Fridaysss!! I guess, for all of us the day holds some special meaning… especially the ones in cooperate world like me. As many people so many ways to express their Friday Feel… Some call it Friday Fun and some may give it a name of Friday Fever… So, here I am also coming up with my Friday Funda’s…

To start with, let me put here something that I have already put somewhere in this blog...

Kill the Kulprit...

R u sad coz yor boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t call you??
Change yor number immediately
n don give d new no. to him/her.
Now they can not call
you n u can’t b sad expectin their call

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Secrets of Success

Frenss, nothing frm my side today... js found this pic and could not stop myself from posting it on my beloved blog as of now. Cheers :-)
Apoorva Khurana

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Tight pants or knee length skirt
layers of makeup n deodorant in doles
so far from home in vast metropolis
m getting ready for office its a Monday morning
I am independent, I am alone…
Deadline approaching lots of stuff to wind up
it was tiring Tuesday I had to stay back
on the way to home in AC cab, placed an order
for Mc Donald burger or pizza from Dominoz
also Johnni Walker sips keep me relaxed…
Its mid of week enough work done
no more labor, time for fun
Got company will go late night movie
Pepsi fountains, popcorn tub, return to home holding hands
its time to say bye and give good night kiss…
Thursday is for internet chats
exchange of numbers den long phone calls
talks n giggles are penetrating dark
its really been late now put phone down
m going to sleep in early morning hours…
Friday fever to welcome upcoming weekend
m partying hard in “The Party” disc
Rihanna is saying “please don stop the music”
beating the beats n dancing to hell m enjoyin
Tequila shots n Froster gulps…
Hangover in Saturday noon n on eve beauty saloon
manicure, pedicure, facial and hair spa,
plans for long drive and dazzling date tonight
delectable dinner and dessert at Baskin-Robbins
will talk and walk till midnight…
It’s a lovely Sunday morning, m half asleep
on such a comfortable bed in this beautiful hotel suit
m lying wid dis handsome guy on my side,
we made love all the night…
he says he loves me n I too think I trust him…
The month was sport its 30th today,
another five figures will add up in balance
Woodland shoes, Mont blanc glares n Lacoste perfume
Gap T-shirts and Gucci belt, wallet, watches
I have got everything I want…

I think I am happy… Am I not?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

lemme do wot ma heart says…

Lemme be a fool, lemme be innocent,

lemme do wot ma heart says…

May b their eyez r eviled

Spirit covetous n faces not real,

n i too can see sins in action but,

Lemme be a fool, lemme be innocent,

lemme do wot ma heart says…

Dey can burn ma world,

dey hv burnt ma world,

not only once so many times, still

Lemme be a fool, lemme be innocent,

lemme do wot ma heart says…

N for dose who luv me, i know u care

but please don mind if i say “do not disturb”

coz at end of d day, dis is wot makes me happy so,

Lemme be a fool, lemme be innocent,

lemme do wot ma heart says…

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

तेरी पलकें

कहा था उन्होंने भी वही मुझसे जो मैंने उनसे कहा था,
जब मैंने तेरी पलकों को छुआ था...


जिस शिद्दत से हिफाजत करता है चाँद सितारों की बस उतनी सी मोहब्बत है तुम्हारे लिए...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hands of Death

It was late night… I was saturated of reading and surfing so, turned off my laptop and laid on to get lost in dreams when I felt like I was not alone in room. I could feel something.... but could not see anything around… I got up from my bed throwing blanket aside, looking around consciously but nothing to find…

I opened the door and all windows(my way to deal with fear at night)... Standing by window, I could watch the television program running in adjacent building. Tried to concentrate to be able to listen as well… and now I can feel someone keeping its hand on my back shoulder… turned back abruptly and saw nothing again…

Ahhh!! I hate it and I hate to be scared. I don’t believe in super natural powers but what else this could be?? “Eeee!! what the hell are you thinking Apoorva??” I scolded myself. I wanted to go back to sleep but by now was totally out of it (or was just pretending to avoid my confession to myself of being scared) Then, what to do at this point of time?? Took stairs to terrace thinking of walking a bit… but I'm tired, can't walk… preferred to sit and gaze around…

Very ordinary night and the sky calm as usual…the moon incomplete in itself posing as a guard for stars… cool breeze blowing… don’t know when I got melded into... thinking from everything to nothing, from introspect to retrospect and from my home to office…

Office? Ohhh!! I need to wake up early in morning and by now I should have been at bed. I got up thinking of spending a few minutes daily like this.

Entered the room, played soft music and plugged in earphones. Wrapped myself into blanket from head to toe and shut my eyes for another round through dreams… but what’s this, I can again feel someone touching me tenderly… “Enough!! enough Apoorva, it's being too much now”, and now I can even see two hands approaching me… “But how is it possible? Your eyes are shut darling”. I opened my eyes and what I see is a dark shade standing in front of me…“It’s a shade, where is the body”. Could find nowhere…

“Come to me, Hold my hand” it said.
Now, I had to scream “Who is this?”
It’s me, the death angel.
Then, what are you doing here?
I have come to take you.
What you talking about, I am too small?
This is the truth.
No, it can’t be me, it’s a mistake?
Not possible.
You can’t be serious?
This is the truth.

I stood breathless, the shade offering me its hand to hold… Helpless me, started to plead for some time… “Just a few years or few months or at least a few days…”
“Only till you hear the knell, after that will have to go”

I shut my eyes and started complaining to no one.. “This can’t be the truth. This is not fair. Why me? I'm still a kid. What bad I have done to anyone? I have so many things left to do… Have not done anything till now… I‘m still into my first job and stupid project... I wanted to jaunt the world… Dammn, have not even had a single boy friend till now and...... Oh Nooooo. What the hell have you been doing till now Apoorva?? You haven’t done anything even for your parents... My parents!! How will they be able to bear sudden death of their most pampered darling daughter? I am not even ill, haven’t got mere fever since many years… Won't they blame themselves for approving all my asks and allowing me to stay alone so far from them…” Shivers ran throughout my body….

And that was when I could hear the knell, the bloody knell… It was my time to go, leaving beloveds… I had to… I forced open my eyes to embrace the guest and found myself lying in a brighter space… to my right was my cell phone shouting to tell me its 6:30 already…

I heaved a big sigh :-)


How will u define beauty?
If someone asked to me
I will answer as
The feeling that one heart has
The sky having stars
Bees present on flowers
The moon at night
And a flying kite
The scene of sunrise
Cooperation between fool and wise
The chirping of birds
And politeness in words
The dance of peacocks
And rainfall on rocks
The time of heat
And a home which is neat
The season of cold
A girl who is bold
The blowing winds
And the playing kids
A ship in an ocean
A citizen in its mother nation
The sight of love
An ant with the dove
A groom with his bride
And the mother with her child...

I found this in my diary i was mainintaining in 8th standard... now i feel, my intelect level has gone stagnanat since then :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

I ask WHY??

Why did u hurt me?

I loved you coz I was in luv…

And u hurt me,

I dint ask for anything

Den y did u hurt me,

I dallied very innocent

Still u did hurt me,

I could hv hidden dis frm u

N u could hv not hurt me,

I was being honest

U willingly hurt me,

Hurting was never a pain

But y did u insult me??