Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Tight pants or knee length skirt
layers of makeup n deodorant in doles
so far from home in vast metropolis
m getting ready for office its a Monday morning
I am independent, I am alone…
Deadline approaching lots of stuff to wind up
it was tiring Tuesday I had to stay back
on the way to home in AC cab, placed an order
for Mc Donald burger or pizza from Dominoz
also Johnni Walker sips keep me relaxed…
Its mid of week enough work done
no more labor, time for fun
Got company will go late night movie
Pepsi fountains, popcorn tub, return to home holding hands
its time to say bye and give good night kiss…
Thursday is for internet chats
exchange of numbers den long phone calls
talks n giggles are penetrating dark
its really been late now put phone down
m going to sleep in early morning hours…
Friday fever to welcome upcoming weekend
m partying hard in “The Party” disc
Rihanna is saying “please don stop the music”
beating the beats n dancing to hell m enjoyin
Tequila shots n Froster gulps…
Hangover in Saturday noon n on eve beauty saloon
manicure, pedicure, facial and hair spa,
plans for long drive and dazzling date tonight
delectable dinner and dessert at Baskin-Robbins
will talk and walk till midnight…
It’s a lovely Sunday morning, m half asleep
on such a comfortable bed in this beautiful hotel suit
m lying wid dis handsome guy on my side,
we made love all the night…
he says he loves me n I too think I trust him…
The month was sport its 30th today,
another five figures will add up in balance
Woodland shoes, Mont blanc glares n Lacoste perfume
Gap T-shirts and Gucci belt, wallet, watches
I have got everything I want…

I think I am happy… Am I not?

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  1. hmmm so dis was the 25th post of this blog.. not bad till now...
    although, nobody reading :(
    ill keep writing :)