Tuesday, October 6, 2009


How will u define beauty?
If someone asked to me
I will answer as
The feeling that one heart has
The sky having stars
Bees present on flowers
The moon at night
And a flying kite
The scene of sunrise
Cooperation between fool and wise
The chirping of birds
And politeness in words
The dance of peacocks
And rainfall on rocks
The time of heat
And a home which is neat
The season of cold
A girl who is bold
The blowing winds
And the playing kids
A ship in an ocean
A citizen in its mother nation
The sight of love
An ant with the dove
A groom with his bride
And the mother with her child...

I found this in my diary i was mainintaining in 8th standard... now i feel, my intelect level has gone stagnanat since then :)

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