Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mirror reflects perfectly...

"Mirror reflects perfectly, It does not make mistake because it does not know to think"
i read it somewhr,
nw its hauntin me...
shll all stop thinkin?

js to evade gaffe,
arn't dey obvious?
will things b perfect den?
wot is perfect?
n wot is perfection...
like wot is an absolute??
lets call it a state of zero...
an absolute a pERfeCt zero,
now, wots a zero??

hv u evr seen a zero?
m i too puzzled,
or are u clear....
now, wot is clearity???
can clearity make things perfect or an absolute?
don things keep on goin...
n go on changin...
can stars only shine n stop twinklin?
even d sun goes for eclipse...
i think perfection is zero
n only zero is perfect...
let d mirror b an exception.
:-) :-) :-)
hey, don go away, js one more thought...
" I was looking for keys for years and the door was always open" :-D :-) :-P ;-)

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