Sunday, August 30, 2009

Everything is in my favor...

i was a kind of mourner sum years back

den started trusting in me n enjoyin life...

started takin things positively n started being nice...

everythin seemed in ma favor… no need to mourn ever

executed expectations n dreams got dried..

aspirations wer killed to learn to smile

m nt blind, hav js shut ma eye

i do wotevr i want, stopped being shy…

i can make ma day…. i am selfish

kept ma head somewhr n forgot… i am a fool

i laugh at me n dey too laugh,

pleasure is mine, don know who is d fool

vulnerable wits concede vanity

wen stance sprawls, witnessed is purity

past has past, don u fuck d future

livin d moment, hs alws made d verve

bet d stroke n cede upshot...

m js being positive n m being nice...

everything seemes in ma favor… no need to mourn ever


  1. This seems like showing development of a person with time.. nicely written.