Sunday, August 30, 2009

You were ma wings...

i count hold ma tears,
i ran away,
was bangin on u,
wen u said u love me,
i got d wings...
y u said u love me,
even i do.
hv come till here
bt wen did we start?
did we walk togethr,
i never knew,
was it u,
who held ma hand....
esences hv met,
so will cadavers,
but who will commence,
our gods are different...
ma love is a blessin,
pls don call it a curse,
its been sacred ever,
n will always be.....
u live ur breaths,
ill breathe ma demise,
coopin u in ma heart,
m shippin away,
u'll be mine,
till eternity.....
wont ever loose u,
n wont loose d last mile
if u ever miss me,
m dere wid u, near to u...
cant u see me?
look into ur heart,
m nt dere?
shuffle your soul,
u'll find me....
.... smilin, perchin,
i coulnt fly away,
i don hv ma wings........

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