Monday, August 31, 2009

I Am a Woman

You came to me knowing I am weak...
I loved you,
I gave myself,
You left me even weaker...
Now, I am fragile,
I am sensitive...
I admit.
But I wont be like this tomorrow...
I am a woman,
I am the power...
It wont let my 'me' ever die,
This whirlpool will tumble ebbing all the gloom,
Then I will come up with a fresh soul...
I am the origin,
I am truth,
I am the beauty,
I am strength,
And I am the will,
I am energy...
I will reside forever,
And gone will be you...
I admit,
I was fragile,
I was sensitive,
But I wont be like this ever again....


  1. Nice one..!!Expressing the woman power..what a woman can do..Really nice one..

  2. thanks sis :-)

    Annie i rote dis for u darling...

  3. Really?? Totally flabbergasted. It's so beautiful n so empowering... Thanks dear :)