Monday, August 31, 2009

I Am a Woman

You came to me knowing I am weak...
I loved you,
I gave myself,
You left me even weaker...
Now, I am fragile,
I am sensitive...
I admit.
But I wont be like this tomorrow...
I am a woman,
I am the power...
It wont let my 'me' ever die,
This whirlpool will tumble ebbing all the gloom,
Then I will come up with a fresh soul...
I am the origin,
I am truth,
I am the beauty,
I am strength,
And I am the will,
I am energy...
I will reside forever,
And gone will be you...
I admit,
I was fragile,
I was sensitive,
But I wont be like this ever again....

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Everything is in my favor...

i was a kind of mourner sum years back

den started trusting in me n enjoyin life...

started takin things positively n started being nice...

everythin seemed in ma favor… no need to mourn ever

executed expectations n dreams got dried..

aspirations wer killed to learn to smile

m nt blind, hav js shut ma eye

i do wotevr i want, stopped being shy…

i can make ma day…. i am selfish

kept ma head somewhr n forgot… i am a fool

i laugh at me n dey too laugh,

pleasure is mine, don know who is d fool

vulnerable wits concede vanity

wen stance sprawls, witnessed is purity

past has past, don u fuck d future

livin d moment, hs alws made d verve

bet d stroke n cede upshot...

m js being positive n m being nice...

everything seemes in ma favor… no need to mourn ever


dey say i don believe in god,
i say, m a saint...

i don go to temple
to get ma wishes granted,
to grumble for sorrows
or to thank for opportunities...
dey say i don believe in god,
i say, m a saint...

ma parents are ma god,
ma sis d divine force,
ma spouse will b ma prayer,
n ma kid an angel,
dey say i don believe in god,
i say, m a saint...

hv come on dis beauty,

to distribute d gift of luv,
to accept a lover,
n to appease ma beloved,
dey say i don believe in god,
i say, m a saint...

mistakes are humanly,
no regrets, no fear for slip ups,
hv learnt to move on,
explorin adventures of life,
dey say i don believe in god,
i say, i am a saint...

I wont be saying you...

i wont b sayin u coz m shy,
either u perch on or do fly,
i love u so much dat it wont evr die,
d intensity of mah luv u said is high,
to let u know reason its personality thy,
if u do feel luv of my,
me can sense d care thy....
i wont b sayin u coz...

gone are d dayz wen hopes were high,

nw, i can see d clear sky,
u are not mine, i wont ever cry,
take ma words i will nvr pry,
bt will love u forevr don know why...
i won b sayin u...

Mirror reflects perfectly...

"Mirror reflects perfectly, It does not make mistake because it does not know to think"
i read it somewhr,
nw its hauntin me...
shll all stop thinkin?

js to evade gaffe,
arn't dey obvious?
will things b perfect den?
wot is perfect?
n wot is perfection...
like wot is an absolute??
lets call it a state of zero...
an absolute a pERfeCt zero,
now, wots a zero??

hv u evr seen a zero?
m i too puzzled,
or are u clear....
now, wot is clearity???
can clearity make things perfect or an absolute?
don things keep on goin...
n go on changin...
can stars only shine n stop twinklin?
even d sun goes for eclipse...
i think perfection is zero
n only zero is perfect...
let d mirror b an exception.
:-) :-) :-)
hey, don go away, js one more thought...
" I was looking for keys for years and the door was always open" :-D :-) :-P ;-)

You were ma wings...

i count hold ma tears,
i ran away,
was bangin on u,
wen u said u love me,
i got d wings...
y u said u love me,
even i do.
hv come till here
bt wen did we start?
did we walk togethr,
i never knew,
was it u,
who held ma hand....
esences hv met,
so will cadavers,
but who will commence,
our gods are different...
ma love is a blessin,
pls don call it a curse,
its been sacred ever,
n will always be.....
u live ur breaths,
ill breathe ma demise,
coopin u in ma heart,
m shippin away,
u'll be mine,
till eternity.....
wont ever loose u,
n wont loose d last mile
if u ever miss me,
m dere wid u, near to u...
cant u see me?
look into ur heart,
m nt dere?
shuffle your soul,
u'll find me....
.... smilin, perchin,
i coulnt fly away,
i don hv ma wings........